CASE STUDY — Patients Who Are Well Informed About Implant Procedures Are Likely To Encounter Fewer Problems.

"Information is the key to a successful surgery. That’s what I found out about buttock implants, after searching the Internet. It was the best thing I could have done to assure I’d get a good result.”

"A well informed patient is always a better patient,” Dr. Ryan Stanton said, after talking to Robert Seek, a man who’d recently undergone buttock augmentation performed in Dr. Stanton’s Beverly Hills, Medicare-approved surgery center. “He’s probably one of the best patients I’ve ever had, because he actually did his homework upfront, before coming to see me.”

Several months earlier, Bob Seek had taken a different approach to the cosmetic surgery procedure he was contemplating. He did something that few patients do, when it comes to plastic surgery. He studied the most relevant information available about the procedure on the Internet. What made Bob different was that while most patients search for general information about buttock implants, very few really read the details and pertinent information. Most look at general medical directories that contain virtually no procedural information, listing only a surgeon’s name and telephone number. “It’s all about getting the right information,” Bob declared. “I began by doing a search on the Internet for ‘buttock implants’, and found the site. There were a few surgeons listed, with a lot of really good information about placement of the implants, infection issues, and other patient concerns. It was really good. That’s how I found Dr. Stanton. Other directory sites had listings of surgeons but passed you on to their web pages that had very little information.”

Bob’s problem was that while he was always a slim man who had good muscle definition—and worked out regularly—he couldn't get the mass he wanted in the gluteus muscles . . . no matter how much he tried. So, while he kept developing his lean, cut musculature in other areas of his body, he just wasn't satisfied with the development in his buttocks. “It must be a genetic thing,” he explained. “In my family all the men have slim, flat butts, and I knew I’d never get to where I wanted to be. That’s when I began to investigate.”

It took him several months of searching and evaluation before he felt he was knowledgeable enough to feel comfortable with the procedure. Then, after placing a few calls to the surgeons to discuss his case, he decided on Dr. Stanton.

An American Board of Plastic Surgery certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Ryan Stanton is one of the bright new stars in the most competitive plastic surgery markets in the world. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With over 13 years of surgical experience, what sets Dr. Stanton apart from other surgeons is his contemporary view of newer medical alternatives, including anti-aging medicine to compliment his anti-aging (plastic) surgery.

Citing Dr. Stanton’s relaxed, upfront style, Bob said he was the type of person who could look you in the eye and give you the straight answers you needed. Then, he explained that the timing was right for him to do the buttock implants procedure—now that he was approaching 50—and he felt that he could use a little help. Like most men in this age group, he discussed some other areas that had him concerned. “Dr. Stanton also did some excellent work to re-sculpt my jaw line and eyes. His staff was a pleasure to work with as well. Lulu, his patient consultant, did a terrific job of explaining what I should expect, and that, coupled with what I’d learned doing my research was all I needed.”

Bob explained how the procedure went smoothly and that he did his recovery in a specialty surgi-recovery center, called Jade, which was nearby. Dr. Stanton’s staff made the arrangements. The recovery center specializes in cosmetic surgery and is staffed by nurses that can deal with any possibility, although in his case, everything was routine. “The only thing that really happened to me was a bit of anxiety I had about the third day after surgery. I was at the hotel and I suddenly woke up one night and felt kind of nervous all of a sudden. Well, I thought it was related to the medications I was taking after the surgery. Again, I simply got on the Internet and looked up the meds and found out that one of the side effects from one of them was just what I felt . . . mild anxiety. So, I knew that everything was normal. Again, having the right information made me feel much better. It’s all about being informed and prepared.”

So how did things turn out for Bob?

"I feel fantastic about everything!” he said. “And, while I’ve only told a few of friends, most of them come up to me and say that there’s something about me that really looks great now, and ask if I’ve been doing more workouts. Even my girlfriend, who knew I had the buttock implants done, now tells me to stop showing her up!”

When asked what he’d recommend to others about to have a procedure done, Bob was quick to comment that they should, “do your homework first, and learn about the surgeon and the details of the procedure. Get someone that you’re comfortable with and remember . . . information is the key!”