Buttock Implants can enhance natural body curvatures.

Buttock implants, also called buttocks augmentation, or butt implants, are usually only performed by a small, select group of plastic and cosmetic surgeons who have performed thousands of these procedures and have the extensive experience required in forming (sculpting), and placing the solid silicone implants that are used in the medical procedure most often. It's critical, that they don't shift from their original positions or develop infection, two areas where serious medical problems could occur after surgery.

This site will explain how butt implants can enhance natural body curvatures helping individuals achieve their desired, ideal body type. It will provide you with a list of the most important questions to ask potential surgeons, so that you may determine if you are an implant case that he typically performs… or one that he performs only once or twice a month.  You will find a detailed description, recovery time, who are the best candidates, and what are the health risks for buttocks augmentation. Find out about the costs, what is included in each procedure, and financing options. Also explore the before & after photo galleries of our experienced surgeons and read patient testimonials.

Butt Implants (Buttock Augmentation) will help those who wish to enhance the appearance, size and definition of gluteal muscles in the buttocks area. Women who desire a Jennifer Lopez butt implants "look" can attain this through the use of gluteal implants, adding more body curvature to those areas where they previously were deficient, and helping them sculpt the select areas they desire. As well, depending on your ethnic background, buttock implants vary in size, style, and surgical technique. What may appear desirable and appropriate for a Caucasian patient, may vary considerably in an Asian, Hispanic, or African-American patient. A buttock lift can be performed sometimes in conjunction with the butt implant procedure.

Buttockimplants.com is your source for surgeons who are among the best in the field in performing butt implant surgery. While other surgeons perform butt implants, equally qualified in the butt implant procedure, the surgeons presented here are in partnership with this site, paying for exclusivity to provide detailed information about buttock augmentation in general, and specifically about the medical procedure they exclusively perform. They are geographically located to help patients find an experienced surgeon in their area. The surgeons appearing on this site have professional qualifications and credentials in performing butt implant procedures-and just as important, achieving excellent results and meeting patient expectations.

Buttock Implants, commonly referred to by consumers as gluteal or butt implants, are primarily used for augmentation surgery (enlargement of the buttock region) and occasionally for reconstruction or treatment of asymmetry. Buttock implants are usually placed beneath the fascia—or what is termed subfascially—beneath the fibrous lining that encases the buttock muscles. The fascia is commonly looked upon as an encasement for the muscle structure, offering lubrication and protection for the muscle fibers as they expand and contract. The implants may also be placed in the intra-muscular plane (within the muscle such as the gluteus maximus). The intra-muscular plane of insertion is commonly used when the patient is thin and has little body fat. Both implantation sites are well tolerated by the body.

Generally, butt implants are available in 4 styles. The most common design is a round, non-directional implant. These implants can be used in both accepted planes of insertion and provides uniform increased projection including upper pole fullness. Non-directional implants virtually eliminate the issue of implant rotation (movement or shifting), which can be more evident in anatomical (directional) buttock implants. Directional implants, or anatomical designs, refers to the general shape of the implant, requiring a specific orientation and placement, as they are not dimensionally the same in all directions. and provide an exceptional result when used in the sub-fascial plane to achieve a pre-cast desired symmetry, based on the artistic and aesthetic abilities of your surgeon in achieving the "look" they feel is best for your body style. Style 4, is a custom buttock implant with mirrored (left and right) sides. Your surgeon, before placement, can manually craft all soft-solid implants.

Over the past 4 years, gluteal implants have undergone significant improvements. Previously, implants used in other body areas were used as gluteal implants. Some implants were far too hard and were palpable (could be felt through the skin by others). Also, for example, breast implants were frequently used with unfortunate results. Breast implants, being gel or liquid filled, often ruptured and deflated at alarming rates. Most current implants are made out of "implant grade", soft-solid silicones and the hardness more closely matches the tissue they replace or augment. This provides a more stable implant and offers the natural feel one desires. Soft-solid implants, unlike breast implants, do not rupture and deflate. Cohesive gel implants have been used for buttock implants, but they have a tendency to rupture and are not currently used in most cases.


Butt Implant Surgery

People who wish to enlarge, lift, and shape the buttock mounds, have a variety of different buttock implants from which to choose. The decision for the shape and size of the implants is made depending on each person’s individual desires and their general body type.

Buttock Implant Surgery

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Patients who are seeking surgeons with extensive experience in implant surgery, can rely on up-to-date information about each procedure, can view photos of patient before and after results, and read our detailed patient medical case histories and the successes and experiences of other patients. Patients are invited to ask detailed, direct questions to the individual surgeons about prospective implant procedures, or related procedures they wish to have performed.

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Gluteal Implants, commonly referred to by consumers as buttock or butt implants, are primarily used for augmentation surgery (enlargement of the buttock region) and occasionally for reconstruction or treatment of asymmetry. The contents of this page will explain to you the general issues and concepts of implants and their use in buttock augmentation.

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